Sports X Sun Protection Range

Everysun Sport X Aerosols offers high protection and ease of use. Aerosol sprays are quick to apply, ensure even coverage and are ideal for hard to reach places.

Bigger pack size is convenient for home application prior to races and outdoor sports & the smaller size is ideal for race, golf & cycling bags.

  • Invisible/Clear formulation- prevents white residue & is ideal for all skin tones
  • Fine mist spray ensures for even coverage
  • Light and non greasy application assist with quick absorption
  • Water resistance- for all sports
  • No rubbing in required.
  • Twist lock cap for convenient, mess free closure

Everysun products are enriched with super fruit anti-oxidants , vitamins and photostable UVA and UVB filters.

withvitalockVitaLock is Everysun’s patented technology that keeps moisture locked in.

Sports X
High protection in and out of the water

Dermatologically tested
CANSA endorsed